News & Announcements

Mentors Application Extended for Two Weeks

October 16, 2020

Learners registration closed on October 15, 2020. Mentor application extended for two more weeks. Last date to apply is October 29, 2020.

Final Confirmation of Registration is Requested from All Who Applied as Learners

October 15, 2020

We are sending emails to learners for a final confirmation meeting in batches. Some of you will be getting mails only tomorrow. If you got a mail already be ready to join the meeting at the time slot assigned to you.

New Mailing Lists for Learners and Mentors

October 14, 2020

We have created separate mailing lists for learners and mentors. Hope you all received the welcome mails to the respective mailing lists. All future private communications, including the access details for sessions will be done through these mailing lists. You can also use these lists to communicate among your fellow learners or mentors respectively. Also if you haven’t joined the common matrix room for camp discussions, please consider joining the same.