Free Software Camp

A unique, online mentorship programme conceptualized and organized by Free Software Foundation of India and Free Software Community of India.

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What is Free Software Camp?

Free Software Camp is a mentorship programme for bringing more people to Free Software with strong focus on philosophy. We connect learners with experienced Free Software community members to work on some tasks together - this could be either technical or non technical.

What are the kind of tasks we'll be working on at Free Software Camp?

Here are a few technical and non-technical ways you can contribute:

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  • Programming
  • Systems Administration
  • Packaging
  • Cyber Forensics
  • UI/UX Development


  • Artwork
  • Translation and Localization
  • Publicity
  • Event organizing
infomatics and books
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How does it work?

Learners apply to join the program and are given a common introduction to the program, to free software, and to the projects they can work on. These sessions will be conducted online using free software tools. Then they submit proposal(s) for working on the project of their choice which is evaluated and mentors get assigned for these. Learners can also choose to work independently without dedicated mentors. Learners are expected to report regularly on their progress and periodic review is done. By the end of the camp the learners will be contributing to free software and collaborating with other contributors from around the world.

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Who can be mentors?

Are you an experienced Free Software contributor? Does mentoring new people to contribute to Free Software excite you? Do you have time to invest in mentoring for the next 3 months? Come join us!

Who can join as learner?

Do you have some time to contribute back to the society? Do you want to learn about Free Software? Do you want to use and contribute to Free Software? Come join us!

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Camp Communication Infrastructure

  • BigBlueButton (browser based free software video conferencing platform) for presentations, sessions, and other interactions.
  • Matrix rooms for instant messaging.
  • Mastodon for announcements.
  • Mailing list for announcements and discussions.
  • Gitlab wiki for documentation, etc.
  • Peertube for uploading videos.
  • Cryptpad/Etherpad for collaborative editing.
  • Each project will have their own project communication platforms.

These tools will be introduced during the course of the camp.

Mailman (Mailing List)

Matrix (Instant Messaging)

BigBlueButton (Web Conferencing)

Wish to contribute to the initiative?

We primarily use free software for all our communication and collaboration. Get in touch with us with your queries and sugesstions!